What is Poppy’s Kitchen?

Poppy Jenkins

Originally from Kent, having founded Poppy’s Kitchen in London in 2014 as a small private catering operation

Here is a bit of background in Poppy’s words:

When I’m not cooking, I’m thinking about food and planning my next menu.

This isn’t something that runs in my blood or has derived from a long running romantic heritage of food – I just found food and invested in it as a way of enjoying life more.

My career as a professional chef began in 2012 when I joined the Leiths School of Food and Wine diploma in West London. This secured my love of food and from Leiths I went straight to St. John Restaurant in Smithfield. It was a tough and rewarding job and St. John remains a key source of inspiration for me.

I went on to work at various other restaurants and cafes in London, eager to get inside the belly of the beast and learn as much as possible. I spent most of 2014 freelancing doing private chef work, catering and supper clubs.

Poppy is an avid supporter of environmentally friendly, ethically produced, organic, artisan and slow food and is keen to be involved in more campaigns.