Private Catering

Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Private Catering

Poppy’s Kitchen offers a full private catering service ranging from intimate dinner parties at home to weddings. Our team can take care of all the details of your event from creating bespoke menus to organising hire equipment, celebration cakes and entertainment.

For smaller parties of up to 12 people you can hire one of our chefs for the day to look after you for £350 + VAT. This price includes the cost of the ingredients.

Otherwise our pricing works on a per head basis with the price including menu consultation and design, ingredients (sourcing and preparation) and drop off delivery to your venue (within the Deal area). If our staff are working at your venue, whether serving, cooking or clearing up, this time will be charged on an hourly basis.

Our style of food

The food at Poppy’s Kitchen is fresh, seasonal, colourful and good for you. Our professional chefs apply years of experience gained in some of the best restaurants and catering companies in the country to create menus that are exciting and unique.

The sample menu pack that is available to download showcases our style and the different service formats we use, but these are only examples.

If you’d like something done differently we will work with you to achieve it, whether it be creating canapés to match a theme or cooking for guests with dietary requirements.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for then we are happy to go through the different options with you, over the phone or over a coffee at the café in Deal.

Different menu formats

Poppys Kitchen plated dining Plated dining: This is the most formal dining option for sit down meals and a chance for our chefs to create beautiful individual plates of food. Sharing elements can be incorporated into a plated menu such as side dishes. Small plates menus are available on request if you’d like to sample various dishes.
poppys-kitchen-sharing Sharing platters: Designed for groups of people and ideal for events like weddings as a sociable, fun and generous way of sharing food across the table. Typically our sharing menus will include a plated course, like an individually plated dessert) to vary the presentation. It is a good way to feed people with different preferences too as you can offer numerous choices at one time. Sharing menus require chefs to be onsite to plate and present the food. 
poppys-kitchen-canapes Canapés: Our canapés are great as an great accompaniment at a drinks reception or as a light bite to whet the appetite before a meal. We take your favourite foods and make them into mini delights of varied colours, flavours and textures with great visual appeal.
poppys-kitchen-buffets Buffets: Buffets are a very flexible way of feeding a crowd, allowing for light or full meals, hot or cold food and they offer the perfect solution to a lack of space for formal seating. This doesn’t have to mean informal as lavish feasts can be created buffet style. Drop off buffets where we deliver the food but leave the service to you do not carry additional staff costs. If the food is to be served hot or is more complex then our staff will need to be on hand to help ensure a smooth service. (In some cases food can be dropped off hot, if the location is near to Poppy’s Kitchen).