Canapes in Kent

Posted on Nov 1, 2014

Canapes in Kent

I haven’t always understood the allure of canapes, especially when I used to drink a lot and frankly the booze took priority, but actually done right they can be really enjoyable to make and devour. A good canape to me is visually appealing, tasty, inventive and easy to eat, not fussy, dull or purely bread based.

My best friend Marina decided to plan a surprise birthday party for her mother this October and I was delighted to be able to prepare the canapes for the occasion. You’d think working for your loved ones was a doddle but actually I find it is more nerve wracking sometimes as you really really want everything to be spot on. Fortunately Marina loved my ideas for canapes, some learnt from my days in catering companies, others  smaller  incarnations of my favourite dishes, for example duck rillettes and celeriac remoulade on crostini (yes I did this as a starter at my last event so it works in minature too!).

We decided on a menu of 8 canapes per head for 50 people, which given that they were what I would call substantial canapes, (such as pulled pork mini burgers on brioche bun with fennel and apple slaw) was ample food for a daytime champagne reception. We wrapped things up with two flavours of macaroons, pistachio and almond and red berry and white chocolate. I love making them but they certainly require patience and concentration. All the effort is worth it though when my dad (not a cake person) said that the macaroons were his favourite!

I’m off to Spain tomorrow for a “working holiday” olive picking with family friends, so I’ll let you know how that went soon (I’ll also get to work on my banana cake recipe as promised).